Engineering surveying

For successful planning and execution of construction projects, reliable surveying data is essential. From the first survey of the building site to the determination of the stability in the life cycle of a building, our surveying services support your construction process. Using modern GPS-secured metrology, we produce topographical site plans and gradient diagrams for preparation of the planning process prior to marking off the building site. Integrity of the construction progress is continuously assured by these state-of-the-art metrics. To ensure an efficient employment of resources, we also offer all necessary quantity surveys, such as for bulk solids. Our data gives you a secure ground for interaction with contractors, administrations and agencies.

Inventory assessment

Whether trees, streets, green areas, play grounds or routes – service providers as well as authorities and administrations take inventory of geographical features as a basis of their operations. With state-of-the-art sensor technology we not only capture surface characteristics, but are also able to locate the position of piping and underground cables.

The media-shift also takes place in the generation of geographical catalogues and leads to a digital, interactive access to maps and data. We support our clients with the assessment of areas or environmental features through connection of measurement results with current maps. The results of these processes are precise and functional land registers that give you a connection between map data, field data and attributes. This information can be used to assess the condition of the object in question.

Building and architectural surveying

Whether you want to add on to or renovate a building, or if you are responsible for the facility management of complex facilities, a precise site measurement of the current state is often indispensable. We measure interior spaces and facades with modern metrology such as laser scanner, tachymeters, Flexijet and laser distance meters and calculate areas and spaces with the collected data, i.e. complying to DIN 277, gif or the German second calculation regulation. The ground plans, cutaway views and diagrams which are provided by us can be taken as a basis for your planning and calculations. For execution of contemporary facility management we compile comprehensive schedules of rooms to your specifications.

Up-to-date building security is highly dependent on a precise rendering of escape and rescue routes. We create the required blueprints in compliance with DIN ISO 23601, which guarantees a reliable representation of the spacial conditions on site.


  • IdeemaSun energy GmbH

    Preliminary and building survey of "Photovoltaikanlage Herzfelde"; area: 17 ha

  • Verkehrslenkung Berlin

    Assessment and documentation of advance direction signs for Berlin

  • Senat Berlin

    Registration of the entire public lighting infrastructure in Berlin (approx. 210,000 gas and electric street lamps)