Acquisition of pipeline easements


Acquisition of pipeline easements


According to § 11 EnWG of the German Energy Act, the operators of energy supply systems are required to provide a secure, reliable and efficient energy supply network without discrimination. They are required to service, to optimise based on need, to enhance, and to expand the network to the extent that this is economically feasible.
To meet this requirement, utility companies need to secure their existing line inventory with an entry in the land register in the form of limited personal easements (called ”Leitungsrechtsicherung“). This leads to a permanent securing which utility companies have the right to. The term „limited personal easement“ refers to the permission of a natural or legal person to use the encumbered property as agreed upon, secured by an entry in the land register.
On behalf of utility companies or network operators, we contact the affected owners of the land and handle the acquisition of pipeline easements.
Our service portfolio comprises of in detail:

  • Analysis of records and status plans
  • Documentation of procedures in data bases
  • Research relating to land parcels, their owners (and their heirs, if necessary)
  • Correspondence and on-site meetings with land owners
  • Obtaining of signed contracts and notarisation


  • NBB Netzgesellschaft Berlin-Brandenburg mbH & Co. KG

    Acquisition of pipeline easements in the coverage areas of Berlin and Brandenburg

  • BEGA.tec GmbH

    Acquisition of pipeline easements in the coverage area of Berlin