Aerial surveying


Aerial survey flights with the octocopter


Aerial observation, mapping and surveying simplify and expedite the capture of geographical and geometric data. Aerial photos also provide the perfect addition to your corporate communications, commercials and corporate image campaigns. They supply property developers, consultants and assessors with accurate images of properties, i.e. to precisely monitor the construction progress or to determine the extent of damage.
To supply premium aerial photos and survey data, we employ the „Octocopter“– an especially secure and precise unmanned aerial vehicle complying with legal requirements. Equipped with different sensors, comprehensive images can be delivered in a very short time frame. The flight route may be operated manually or may be determined by pre-programmed routes. Legislature has restricted the radius of activity of unmanned aerial vehicles relative to the starting point; from the starting point, the octocopter may move at a maximum radius of 250 metres horizontally and 80 metres vertically. To monitor the flight situation at all times, the octocopter sends a real time video signal to the ground. The device is extremely versatile and can be customised according to your specific requirements and ideas.


  • DEUTAG GmbH & Co. KG


    Aerial survey and aerial image documentation of various mixing plants

  • Antenbrink Architects

    Assessment of actual state of a historical building (Villa Kellermann) via aerial survey